Massage For Seattle Inc

Wendell Dyck is the only therapist at Massage For Seattle Inc

Wendell Dyck,

Washington License MA00022065

My massage style incorporates
traditional Western "Swedish,"  Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Ayurvedic
Massage, as well as some Sports massage and Myofascial techniques. Most recently I have added SARGA bodywork to the mix. 

My approach is to help the client's body to heal and maintain itself by assisting in overall stress reduction with the clear understanding that everyone has areas of issues and concerns that require more focused therapeutic attention.

Here are some of the elective courses Wendell Dyck took while studying at Brenneke (2004-2005), as well
as some of the more significant Continuing Education course he's taken since becoming licensed:

Ayurvedic Massage - both as an elective course, and ongoing training at VIDA
under the direction of Colleen Fraser

The Basics of Pregnancy Massage, by Michelle Kolakowski

Hot Stone Massage for Professionals, by John Stickel 


Palpatory Anatomy of the Belly - Fascial architecuture , by Marty Ryan

Lomi Lomi:

2 weekend courses by Kolleen Kohlrus

10 day residential retreat with
Sacred Bodywork

4 hour introduction to Mana Lomi

4 day residential retreat at

Heartspire School of Hawiian Massage

8 day residential retreat with

Sacred Lomi

Barefoot massage

SARGA Bodywork Table I (Barefoot myfacial Massage (24 hours)

Sarga Bodywork Table II (Barefoot myfacial Massage (12 hours)